Terms and Conditions


Starting January 1, 2017 we are making billing easy!  On Jan, 1 we will no longer be accepting payment by check for reoccurring services.  We will be making the complete switch to Auto Pay credit/debit card billing.  This will make your billing much easier.  Your card will be charged every Monday for the services to your property the previous week.  You will then receive a receipt listing services performed via email.

For non-reoccurring services we will send you an invoice the day after the service was performed.  You will have time to make sure all the items on that invoice are correct, and your card will be charged the next Monday.  Example: if your home was serviced for irrigation repair on Tuesday, we would send you the invoice on Wednesday.  You would have until the following Monday to look over the invoice and let us know if there are any issues.  If there is no response then we would charge your card.

Lawn care services Contracts are automatically charged to your credit card at the beginning of every month or in the 15th.

All invoices will be created the end of the month, the  15th or after the one time service is completed.
All other services, including landscaping, and other one-time services will be charged to your credit card the following business day.

All services estimated for more than $2,000 are subject to the following special considerations:

  • A payment of fifty  percent of the total estimate must be paid before work begins.
  • Final payment and all change orders are due upon substantial completion of project, and the account will be considered past due after 15 days.
 All past due accounts will be subject to an immediate late charge of eighteen percent (18%) of the outstanding balance, or twenty five dollars ($25), whichever is greater.

All cost incurred in the collection of past due balances, finance charges associated to the above, and any legal fees resulting from the above collections are the sole responsibility of the customer.

Declined Cards
In the event that a card is declined, we will try the card again the following day. If the card does not go through a second time, the next service will be put on hold until we are able to reach the client. Those responds quickly with another card, we will promptly put them back on the schedule.


“What about my credit card security?” you might ask.  Do not worry; we have spent a vast amount of time and resources ensuring that our system is in compliance with the PCI Security Council Standards.  This is the same standard that companies like PayPal and Amazon are held to.  Once you set up your account with a credit card we can only see the last four digits of your number, and that will only be viewed by authorized personnel.

We realize the majority of you are already set up in our auto pay system, and if this is the case for you then please disregard this notice.  If you are not already signed up for auto pay then here is what you need to do to join our other customers in this time saving program: Click here and fill out the form.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
All Green Garden Landscaping clients are guaranteed satisfaction with their lawn care service. If you ever feel that your lawn service is not satisfactory, please contact us at info@greengardenandirrigation.com or speak with a Green Garden Landscaping representative at 919-478-1852 by 5pm the day of your mowing and we will come back and fix the problem at no additional charge the following day. Complaints made after 5pm will be taken care of on the following visit.

You may cancel your service with us anytime you wish, for any reason, without a cancellation fee [for client with no contract]. Please understand though, that if you do not cancel your service, we will return to your house from week to week throughout the season and from season to season until you cancel. Customers who wish to cancel must submit their request at info@greengardenandirrigation.com or speak with a Green Garden Landscaping representative at 919-478-1852. Cancellations must be submitted by 5pm MST the day before the mowing you wish to discontinue service on.

We always try to finish our routes, even on rainy days. If we are unable to complete your service due to a heavy rain all day, we will adjust the rest of the week’s schedule by one day so that we will service all remaining lawns the day after their scheduled day. To avoid excessively long grass, we recommend allowing us to mow even when the lawn is wet.


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